Episode 8 with Mrs. Tatjana Obrazcova

The founder and the managing partner of 50 Sky Shades World Aviation News Platform

10 March 2022

Episode Summary

 Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 8th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS featuring Mrs. Tatjana Obrazcova! Tatjana Obrazcova is aviapreneur from Strasbourg, France. The founder and the managing partner of 50 Sky Shades World Aviation News platform since 2015. Tatjana has a professional experience exceeding 20 years, and more than half of it in the aviation industry. She is a marketing professional in the aviation industry, and she worked previously as Managing Director for various business aviation and air ambulance company, besides working for an aviation service company as well: Flight Consulting Group. Tatjana is a big advocate of Business aviation, including before governments and policy makers.

Watch this episode to know Mrs. Tatjana’s answers to the following questions:

  • 50 Sky Shades. What an interesting name? how did you come up with it?
  • The internet is full of aviation news website. What makes you start a new one? And how is yours different from all the others out there?
  • Information is free these days, and it’s available everywhere. How can you as an aviation news company monetize the information you are sharing and make a business out of that?
  • You managed an air ambulance operator before, and you managed also a business jet operator. Both are considered part of the general aviation category of aviation, but there are many differences. Can you highlight how air ambulance medical evacuation operators are different from the general aviation industry?
  • You’re a big believer in the business aviation industry, and you advocate it in each and every opportunity that arises. I believe COVID 19 proved how true your belief is. Can you highlight to the listeners the reason behind this, and the efforts you’re doing in this regard?
  • Was it easy for you as a woman in aviation to climb the ladder and reach the managing director position in the companies you’ve managed, before setting up 50skyshades?
  • What advice do you give the fellow men and women aviapreneurs out there listening and watching our podcast about setting up your own business and having your voice heard in this global industry?

All of this and more on the 8th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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