Episode 41 with Mr. Jon Howell

Founder and CEO of AviaDev Africa

26 October 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 41st Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talks about Podcasts in the Aviation Industry featuring The Founder and CEO of AviaDev Africa, Mr. Jon Howell

Mr. Jon Howell

an AVIAPRENEURS from the UK, the founder, and CEO of AviaDev, a platform dedicated to improving air connectivity. He’s also the founder of AviaDev Africa in 2016, which is an air route development conference, which is dedicated to growing connectivity to, from, and within the African continent. Jon is the founder of AviaDev Insight Africa podcast, which has more than 200 episodes. He also established AviaDev Europe in 2018. Jon is also a visiting professor at Coventry University. Earlier in his career, Jon worked for Routes, as a Regional Sales Manager for Europe and Africa.


 Watch this Episode to know Mr. Jon’s answers to the following questions:

    • Why did you start a podcast for aviation in Africa?
    • How’s the reaction of the market?
    • What’s the format of the podcast? Video or audio?
    • Was the podcast beneficial for your business? Did you win clients from it?
    • How long is the podcast size?
    • How many guests do you have?
    • Is it in person or distance?
    • Live or recorded?
    • How easy is it to win guests over the podcast?
    • How easy it’s to set up the podcast? Do you have a team or do you work alone?
    • What’s your metric for the success of the podcast?
    • You’ve more than 200 episodes. Was it easy to reach that number?
    • Is it a regular podcast? How often do you publish?
    • Do you consider the podcast the best successful content creation opportunity for promoting one’s business?
    • What about AviaDev. You started in routes and then you set up your own company in this area? Whom do you work with, airlines or airports?
  • What advice do you give the aviapreneurs listening to us on setting up a successful aviation business?


All of this and more on the 41st Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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