Episode 4 with Mr. Evgeniy Chuprov

Founder and CEO of Aviapages

10 February 2022

Episode Summary

Dr. Adnan Branbo’s guest on the 4th episode of AVIAPRENEURS is Mr. Evgeniy Chuprov. Mr. Evgeniy Chuprov is an aviation expert with more than 15 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience in the business aviation industry. Evgeiny is the founder and CEO of Aviapages, an online marketplace that connects private operators with clients and suppliers. Mr. Evgeniy Chuprov was the chief duty manager of Vnukovo Airport. He was also a key account executive in many business aviation companies throughout his long and successful career.

Watch this episode to know Mr. Evgeniy Chuprov’s answers to the following questions:

  • How did you start your aviation career? Did you always want to work in aviation?
  • You’re one of the innovative aviapreneurs, who applied new technology-based business models to the business aviation industry. How did you come up with this idea?
  • Tell us about your vision for Aviapages, and where is it now?
  • What about Mirai flights, another innovative aviapreneurial project?
  • You’re currently a non-executive director of Mirai flights? Do you recommend aviapreneurs to seek opportunities of board membership of other companies?
  • Did you experience this change resistance from potential clients and suppliers and how did you deal with it?
  • Can you share with us your experience in raising funds for your aviation ventures, as it’s known that aviation is one of the businesses that is not easy to finance and raise funds for?
  • Do you consider your aviapreneurial mission fulfilled already, or do you consider yourself a serial entrepreneur who will continue innovating new businesses that plan to disrupt the aviation industry? What about disrupting other industries?


All of this and more on the 4th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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