Episode 37 with Mr. Svilen Rangelov 

CEO and Co-Founder of Dronamics

28 September 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 37th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talks about Democratizing Air Cargo featuring The CEO and Co-Founder of Dronamics, Mr. Svilen Rangelov

Mr. Svilen Rangelov 

an Aviapreneur from Bulgaria. who alongside his brother Konstantin Rangelov, co-founded Dronamics, a fast-growing cargo drone company on a mission to enable same-day delivery for everyone, everywhere. Svilen has an economics degree from Davidson College in the USA and has worked in consulting before focusing fully on DRONAMICS, holding the role of CEO. He is a frequent speaker at international forums on UAS, aviation, and the future of cargo mobility.


 Watch this Episode to know Mr. Svilen’s answers to the following questions:

  • Dronamics is on a mission to enable same-day delivery for everyone, everywhere by democratizing air cargo, making air freight affordable, accessible, and lower in CO2 emissions. What a bold mission! How can you achieve that?
  • What will your drone look like? How big in size? How much cargo it can carry? And how far it can go?
  • Will technology allow you to produce this drone? What stage of development are you currently at? When are you planning to operate it?  
  • So, the drone trip will cover most of Europe in one trip? What’s the potential for international expansion to cover other parts of the world and longer trips?
  • What type of energy will this drone fly use? How efficient this energy will be compared to jet fuel?
  • What about the trip back? How will the drone make the trip? Empty or will someone hire it to fly back with cargo? How do you plan to avoid the empty legs that the charter industry suffers from?
  • What did you call your drone the black swan?
  • How expensive will be the shipment via your drone? Is it accessible to everyone?
  • What industries are you targeting to serve, and which industries will benefit most from your technology?
  • All startups start with a business idea. The business idea sometimes comes like a light bulb, often based on an unmet need experienced by the entrepreneur and the founder. This is the case of Dronamics and the craving for cheese you and your brother missed your home country’s favorite cheese while studying abroad. Air was far too expensive, the road too slow and prone to disruptions. This pushed you to work on finding a faster, more affordable, and more efficient solution for the transportation of goods across long distances. Can you tell us this story?
  • You have a beautiful vision, but what about the regulatory environment? Will the regulations allow such a vision to become a reality? Did you secure any licenses already from the UK or EU?
  • What about the long beard you and your brother have? Is it true that in late 2014 after your first round of funding? Is it true you vowed not to shave until a full-scale drone is developed? When do you expect to shave? How do you expect life to look like then?
  • Your brother Konstantin, he’s the co-founder and CTO of Dronamics. He’s an aerospace engineer and leads a team of about 80 engineers. Having a co-founder adds complexities to any startup and business. Being a family member seems to be adding more complexity. Is it the case with Dronamics?
  • When do you expect Dronamics to achieve its full potential? Once this full potential is achieved, what impact will this have on the air courier industry?
  • How did you fund Dronamics as a business and drone from the idea till today?
  • What advice do you give the Aviapreneurs who have an innovative business idea that’s not possible or feasible now but have a big potential in the future? What should they do to turn their dream into reality? 


All of this and more on the 37th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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