Episode 32 with Mr. Pawel Kruk

Founder and CEO of Leon Software

24 August 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 32nd Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talks about Automating Aviation Operations featuring The Founder and CEO of Leon Software, Mr. Pawel Kruk.

Mr. Pawel Kruk

An Aviapreneur from Poland with more than 15 years of aviation experience. He’s the founder and CEO of Leon Software, a company that provides cloud-based flight management and scheduling software, which he established in 2007. Earlier to Leon Software, Powel was a flight dispatcher, a business aviation pilot working for Jet Story and Lux Aviation, besides being a commercial airline pilot as well.

 Watch this Episode to know Mr. Pawel’s answers to the following questions:

  • Can you share with us the story of the time when Leon Software’s idea first came to your mind?
  • How easy was it to turn the idea of that potential business opportunity into a real business? When you started the business, did you have the skills needed to actually achieve that? I mean being a pilot, is it sufficient to start a business? What did you do to complement the skills that you miss?
  • Can you elaborate on the process of continuing to grow and develop the software while at the same time having to serve your existing market and clients?
  • Are the requirements of commercial airlines similar to those of the business aviation industry in a way that made this development possible and smooth?
  • How do you sell clients and persuade them to switch to Leon from manual operations or from other software solutions?
  • What’s the future of Leon? Do you see that you currently fulfill all the needs of your target market?
  •  I think you have more trip support companies using Leon software to serve their customers. Can you share more info with the listeners about this?
  • What advice do you give the aviation professionals willing to take their career to the next level by starting and growing their aviation business?


All of this and more on the 32nd Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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