Episode 3 with Ms. Karla Deir

Managing Director of Travion

3 February 2022

Episode Summary

Dr. Adnan’s guest on the 3rd episode of AVIAPRENEURS is the inspiring Ms. Karla Deir. Karla Deir is a young aviation expert and businesswoman with over 12 years of experience under her belt. She has worked in, managed, and started many successful aviation businesses in the UK. Ms. Deir is an expert in everything aviation from aircraft management and sales to private jet charters, international trip planning and flight support services. Her continued success as the managing director of Travion and her entrepreneurial spirit are an inspiration to both men and women in the aviation industry.

Watch this episode to know Ms. Karla Deir’s answers to the following questions:

  • Did your family’s involvement impact your attraction to the aviation industry, and did you know that you’re going to work in aviation from your childhood?
  • Did you start your career in aviation right away after college, or did you do something else before?
  • How did you start your first aviation business? Was it easy to launch this business in a highly competitive marketplace?
  • Can you tell us more about your businesses? What’s their current status and what’s your vision for the future?
  • What was the impact of COVID on your businesses? Were you affected badly, or did you find opportunities arising out from the increased demand resulting from the limited supply in schedule commercial flights?
  • You’re also a horse rider who won local competitions in the UK. It’s very interesting hobby to have. Did this hobby impact your career and business?
  • As a woman aviapreneur, can you tell us more about your experience from this perspective, being a woman in a somehow male dominated industry?



All of this and more on the 3rd episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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