Episode 28 with Ms. Heidi Cole

Owner of Confidence in the Air Company & Corporate Flight Attendant and trainer

27 July 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 28th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS Cabin Crew Life in the Air featuring the Owner of Confidence in the Air Company & Corporate Flight Attendant and trainer, Ms. Heidi Cole.


Ms. Heidi Cole 

An Aviapreneur from the UK, who started her aviation career as a private flight attendant in Dubai, working for Empire Aviation Group. She then worked for Execujet Aviation Group and other private operators. Recently she started her own coaching, training, and consulting business: Confidence in the Air.

 Watch this Episode to know Mr. Heidi’s answers to the following questions:

  • Confidence in the Air: what a beautiful name you’ve chosen for your business. Can you advise us on what services you provide?
  • You were a cabin crew yourself. What made you make the move from flying to starting a business?
  • You’ve been flying for many years as a corporate flight attendant. How do you describe your life in the air?
  • Do you think anyone can be a cabin crew or there’re special natural-born skills required?
  • How’s the relationship between cabin crew (flight attendants) and flight crew (pilots and co-pilots)?
  • I am sure you’ve so many funny stories to share with us about strange experiences you’ve witnessed while on duty. The audience asks you to share some of the most interesting ones with us.
  • In general, how do passengers treat cabin crew?
  • In case of annoying passengers, how do you deal with them?
  • What kind of support are you providing to the clients of your business: confidence in the air?
  • What’s your plan to expand and grow this business?
  • You started your career as a TV presenter. How did this media training, experience, and exposure provided benefit your business?
  • What advice do you give to the cabin crew who’re willing to combine flying with starting their own business, or to start a business after the end of their flying career


All of this and more on the 28th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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