Episode 21 with Mr. Kevin Moller

Founder and President of Fuelerlinx

8 June 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 21st Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talking about Aviation Fuel Digital Procurement featuring The Founder and President of Fuelerlinx, Mr. Kevin Moller.

Mr. Kevin Moller, an Aviapreneur from the USA. Kevin is the Founder and President of Fuelerlinx, an aviation fuel planning software that assists aircraft operators to plan their fuel purchases in the most economical way. Later Kevin also established FBOLINX, a CRM software for FBOs allowing them to connect to Fuelerlinx, send prices, and communicate with clients effectively.


 Watch this Episode to know Mr. Kevin’s answers to the following questions:

  • Fuel is the largest direct operating cost in the operation of an aircraft, and with fuel prices skyrocketing these days, it’s essential, more than ever, to make sure that fuel is purchased in the most economic and efficient way, and this is what Fuelerlinx promises. Fuel Planning and Tinkering: a dilemma for business aircraft operators: how much fuel to buy at each airport in the trip, from whom, and at what price. You solved that dilemma, so this can be done fully by Fuelerlinx automatically without the need for manual intervention. How does Fuelerlinx achieve that?
  • How much saving on average per aircraft do you achieve for the clients subscribing to Fuelerlinx?
  • You already integrated Fuelerlinx with most scheduling and flight planning software available in the market, and you’ve invited all the major fuel resellers to be on board as well, so the aircraft operators can have all their choices available on the platform, and they can purchase fuel from their current suppliers as well as the others you may recommend to them for better prices. It’s truly a multi-sided platform that is not easy to build and grow, but you’ve done it. What are the biggest challenges you have faced in this journey?
  • Sustainable aviation fuel that helps aircraft reduce carbon emissions in comparison to traditional jet fuel. How does Fuelerlinx help operators achieve their goals in that area?
  • It’s very interesting that after you set up Fuelerlinx, you noted that the FBOs way of selling fuel is old and traditional, so they have a hard time connecting to your system, so you seized that opportunity and ventured into setting up FBOLinx, a CRM software that integrates to Fuelerlinx, and allows FBOs to manage leads and customers, send direct prices and quotes, receive fuel orders and accept payments in one interface. How was the acceptance of this solution by FBOs?
  • Larry Page, the founder of Google, recently said: if money were our only motivator to work, then we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up resting on the beach. You’ve grown Fuelerlinx and you’re now the market leader in the fuel planning and tinkering business. You continue receiving offers to acquire the company, but you reject them. What motivates you to work in Fuelerlinx?
  • You’ve grown up in an aviation fuel family. Your father Finn Moller has spent most of his life selling aviation fuel all over the world. Did that uprising help your career and entrepreneurial journey?
  • What advice do you give the Aviapreneurs who see a market opportunity, who see an essential job or function done in a very lengthy, complicated, and manual way, and they want to seize that opportunity and turn it into a viable, profitable, and growing business?


All of this and more on the 21st Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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