Episode 18 with Mr. Vishal Hiremath

CEO/ Cofounder of JETCLUB

18 May 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in the 18th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talking about Affordable Business Aircraft Ownership the CEO/ Cofounder of JETCLUB and the Cofounder of JET IT Mr. Vishal Hiremath.

Mr. Vishal Hiremath  An Aviapreneur with more than 17 years of experience in the aviation industry. An Aviation academic, aircraft systems engineer, aircraft sales specialist 

Watch this Episode to know Mr. Vishal’s answers to the following questions:

  • Who used to represent both Gulfstream and Honda Jet in various areas around the world? 
  • Are you a firm believer that Honda Jet will have a big future? How is Jet Club planning to change that? 
  • Why did Jet It and Jet Club change the concept of fractional ownership from hours to days?
  • Jet It in the US, and Jet Club in Europe and around the world. why??!! What is the reason? 
  • You’ve been selling business aircraft for corporate and high net worth individuals for many years. / I don’t think that this is an easy sale, not so many people can sell something at this value. How could you do it? 
  • You were responsible for aircraft sales for various regions, Asia, the Middle East, the US, and Latin America. Is selling the same across regions and countries? Or do cultural differences affect the way you make the sale from one region to another? 
  • You won an award from Ernst and Young as Entrepreneur of the year for Southeast Asia. and Aviation International News award for charter, fractional, and jet cards. How does it feel to have your efforts and hard work recognized and acknowledged? 
  • Jet It is incorporated in both the US and Canada, while Jet Club is established in both Malta and the UK. And you recently had a partnership with Jetex in Dubai. What’s your experience of managing a business and a team across cultures, multiple regulations, and time zones?  
  • Was it easy to raise funds for Jet It and Jet Club knowing that it’s not normally easy to finance aviation businesses?
  • You set up your business with your co-founder Glenn Gonzales. Do you think having a co-founder accelerates the chances of success and growth for aviation startups? 


All of this and more on the 18th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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