Episode 16 with Mr. Charles Pace

The Director General for Civil Aviation Department at Transport Malt

4 May 2022

Episode Summary

 Join Dr. Adnan Baranbo in 16th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talking about Civil Aviation Authority as Business Enabler features The Director General for Civil Aviation Department at Transport Malta  Mr. Charles Pace. 

Captain Charles Pace, the Director General for the Civil Aviation Department at Transport Malta. A Pilot who started his aviation career 44 years ago in 1988 with Air Malta. He later became Chief Pilot and Operations Quality Manager till 2011. He worked as safety director for COMLUX Aviation, and he’s headed Transport Malta Civil Aviation Department since 2013.

Watch this episode to know Mr. charles’s answers to the following questions: 


  1. Malta – an aviation success story! Malta is one of the most important aviation hubs in Europe and maybe the whole world. Every now and then we hear a new aircraft operator starting their business or moving to Malta. Euro Wings, from Lufthansa Group recently. How could this be achieved? What’s attractive in Malta that’s not available in other jurisdictions in Europe? (WHY MALTA)
  2. The department of civil aviation in Transport Malta is different! It’s a beautiful form of government innovation!
  3. It is different from the regular government agencies we know, and it’s different from the other civil aviation authorities we see all over the world.
  4. You really run the civil aviation directorate as a business, caring about the experience your customers are receiving when interacting with you, the fast time frame for processing applications, and the reasonable fees.
  5.  Do you see the role of the civil aviation authorities changing from being a regulator only to becoming an enabler, business facilitator and investment attractor?
  6. Private sector, where you started your career, is known for continuous change, innovation, and entrepreneurship. However, the government sector, where you moved in your career later, is rarely innovative. How could you light and keep this entrepreneurial spirit alive. ……after his answer with the flow continue, you took over Civil Aviation Department with 8 aircraft registered in Malta, and now you have more than 300 aircraft. What are the challenges you have faced in this mission?
  7. Qualified and trained human resources are essential to the success of any business in any industry. With the big demand on setting up aviation businesses in Malta, what initiatives are there in place to ensure the continuous supply of these required qualified human resources?
  8. Aviation dreamers historically are those who wanted to invent airplanes or fly them, and you did that! You started your career as airline pilot and chief pilot for Air Malta. Then you moved to the private sector and finally joined a government agency leading the civil aviation department. Do you still find yourself passionate about aviation in this job as flying an airplane? Do you see that people passionate about aviation can fulfill this passion in government aviation jobs?
    1. with the flow you can ask the question below 
  9. People listening to this podcast are Aviapreneurs who set up their own aviation businesses, scaling up their business or planning to start. As an aviator who has done it all in the aviation industry, what recommendations and advice do you give them that increase the chance of their success if they follow and apply? 


All of this and more on the 16th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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