Episode 14 with Ms. Carol Anderson

Global Aviation Professional Support Lawyer

20 April 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 14th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS talking about Using Law as Strategic Business Tool  featuring a Global Aviation Professional Support Lawyer – Board Member IAWA Ms. Carol Anderson

 Carol Anderson is a Global Aviation Professional Support Lawyer. Carol worked for more than 10 years working for the Middle East leading airlines Gulf Air as General Counsel and Emirates, as Legal Advisor. She also worked for the top global law firms specialized in the aviation industry: Clyde and Co, Gates and Partners, DLA Piper. Carol worked also as Paralegal for IATA, and established her own legal practice in the UK and UAE for a few years as well. Carol is also a board member of the International Aviation Women’s Association.

Watch this episode to know Ms. Carol’s answers to the following questions:

  • The aviation industry owes you a lot: You have more than 23 years of experience in serving the aviation industry legally, as an in-house counsel, as a lawyer and legal advisor, and as an aviapreneur yourself when you set up your own legal practice. You have chosen a very nice specialization in the legal domain, by practicing the noble legal job and career, and working in the beautiful attractive aviation industry which all the entrants to it can’t leave. Did you always want to work in this industry?
  • Law can be used as a strategic tool to help entrepreneurs and companies win, to help them start and grow their business, by eliminating and controlling risks and by gaining strategic competitive advantages. From your experience, have you seen the aviapreneurs dealing with the law in this way, or just using it as a fire-fighting tool so lawyers can be approached only when problems arise?
  • Besides legal advice and consulting you also teach air law with IATA training and development institute, which provides many legal programs for lawyers and also for non-legal professionals. How important do you think is getting acquainted in the air law is beneficial for the aviation professionals willing to do their job and to start their businesses in the aviation industry?
  • I am sure during your long legal consulting career you have seen many cases where law was detrimental in making or breaking the business. I mean a bright idea could grow and become a real business or fail just by using the law rightly. Can you share some of these stories?
  • You’re very active in promoting the big role women play in the aviation industry. You’ve been a board member of the International Aviation Women’s Association for more than 12 years now. Are you satisfied with the role you have played in enabling women to achieve their full potential in the aviation industry, like they did in other industries? What was the situation when you joined, and how is it now?
  • Many businesses got bankrupt and collapsed during COVID 19, especially in the countries which didn’t provide enough support for businesses during long eras of lockdown. Do you think the law provided sufficient support itself to help the aviapreneurs escape the destiny of having their businesses fail and vanish in the face of an unprecedented crisis at such a scale?


All of this and more on the 14th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!


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