Episode 12 with Mr. Diego Magrini

Chief Executive Officer of Aviowiki

7 April 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 12th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS featuring Mr. Diego Magrini! Diego Magrini is the Chief Executive Officer of aviowiki and the Chair of Associate Member Advisory Board at EBAA.

Watch this episode to know Mr. Diego’s answers to the following questions:

  • You’re in a mission to automate the entire aviation industry. This is a very bold statement and brave mission! What makes you think you can do this?
  • Despite using high technology in the aircraft itself, the way how the business is conducted in the aviation industry is still manual in big part of it. It’s weird how such an advanced industry is taking so much time to adapt and follow the technological revolution we’re experiencing and living in. what’s the reason behind that in your view?
  • You’re a private and commercial pilot. You worked in dispatch and ground operations and you worked as cabin crew in Easy Jet as well. None of these are directly involving technology and automation. How did you make that move? Do you think anyone can have a technology startup in the aviation industry, despite not having a technology and software background?
  • aviowiki is not your first aviation start-up. Earlier you setup Integrated OPS Solutions as well. What made you move from one startup to another? Are you a serial aviapreneurs who’s planning to disrupt the aviation industry?
  • Is it easy to launch a startup in the aviation industry? Will the community accept the new solution easily? Will the financiers run to finance it like they do for other technology startups in other consumer industries?
  • Besides being in business, you are also a vice chair of the tech committee of the European Business Aviation Association EBAA. What exactly do you do there, and what makes you volunteer to take charge of that role? Do you believe aviapreneurs should expand their experience and network by joining non-for profits?
  • Earlier in your career, for over 5 years, you worked in dispatch and ground operations for some of the world’s biggest and most prestigious business aviation operators: Vista Jet, Execujet Aviation Group and lastly Jet Concierge Club. This means you have worked on flights for many of the world’s most famous celebrities, corporate leaders and VIPs, I am sure the missions were sometimes challenging, can you share with us some experiences you’ve had in this regard?
  • What advice and recommendation do you give to the aviapreneurs listening to us and watching us today about launching their new products, projects and startups? The lessons you’ve learnt the hard way, that will make their life easier and their creations succeed faster?


All of this and more on the 12th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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