Episode 10 with Mr. Tilmann Gabriel

Aviapreneur from Germany

24 March 2022

Episode Summary

Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 10th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS featuring Mr. Tilmann Gabriel! Tilmann Gabriel is aviapreneur from Germany. Tilmann has almost half a century of experience in the airline and aviation industries. He has flown aircraft as pilot for Lufthansa for more than 20 years. He has extensive experience in all sectors of the aviation industry, including passenger airlines, cargo airlines, business aviation and helicopters. After flying, Tilmann later became VP flight operations for Lufthansa. Then he took charge of many senior positions as VP, General manager and CEO for some of the world top aircraft manufacturers like Bombardier Flexjet and VP of Operations and customer training for Bombardier Aerospace, and then CEO of Royal Jet in Abu Dhabi, VP Sales and Marketing of Evergreen International Cargo airline, President and CEO of Safi Airways moving between Kabul and Dubai, president and CEO of CHC Europe, the largest Helicopter operation in the world having 5 AOCs and more than 400 aircraft, and later Executive Vice President of Qatar Airways responsible for Qatar Executive and Qatar Airways charter, Group president for Airways Aviation Airlines in Australia, UK and France. Tilmann was the director of the Master of Science programmes in City, University of London, and he’s also an aviation consultant and advisor having his own aviation consultancy providing advice to the world airlines, such as the recent contract he’s having with the government of Nigeria, responsible for the launch of the new flag carrier of Nigeria, Nigeria Air.


Watch this episode to know Mr. Tilmann’s answers to the following questions:
You have spent most of your life in the aviation industry: flying people, starting airlines, growing others and educating future aviators. This industry must be very dear to your heart to dedicate your life for it. Is it the case? Did you always want to be a pilot?
You worked for cargo airline, passenger airlines, business jet operators and helicopter operator. How different is these various type of airlines from each other? Which one of them is more interesting to work for?
You have flown aircraft, managed airline operations, sold flights, trained aviators and advised airlines on how to be successful. How can you do all that?
I am sure your students ask you about which job is better than the other. What recommendation do you give them, and which one of these jobs are more interesting for you?
It’s notoriously known that the airlines industry doesn’t make money. There is even academic research and books on the subject. Why is that?
Having started and managed all these airlines, do you think you’ve found the secret formula to make airlines profitable?
You managed airlines in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Are airlines the same everywhere, or does geographical location imposes its impact on the airline making its management different from region to another?
What recommendation do you give to the aviapreneurs listening to us today about how to start and grow a successful airline in particular and an aviation business in general?

All of this and more on the 10th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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